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Ascential Buildings - Metal Garage Delivery and Setup

Why Ascential Buildings?

  • Timely Service: We pride ourselves on punctuality. Your order will be delivered within the specified timeframe.

  • Professional Team: Our experienced team will handle the delivery of all components, ensuring nothing is damaged in transit.

  • Quality Assurance: Before we consider the job complete, we conduct thorough quality checks to ensure your structure is installed to the highest standards.
  • Local: We are your neighbors, and we are here to help guide you to the right building to fit your needs. 

Metal Garage Delivery FAQ's

How level does my ground have to be? It is always best if the ground is perfectly level, however we can place a building when the site is no more than 3 inches off level.

If it looks level is that level enough for the installation? No, the site needs to be checked and leveled within 3 inches from all corners.

What types of surfaces can steel buildings be placed on? The buildings can be placed on level dirt, gravel, asphalt and concrete.

Do you know anyone who does leveling and site prep? Yes, we have local resources to help you with your needs such as concrete, site leveling and electrical references. We can also include concrete in a financing package.

Do I need to mark underground utilities and overhanging power wires? Yes, this is very important and must be correct and complete before installation begins.

How much room does the installation crew need to put up my building? Our installation crews require 3 feet of clearance around the building to allow comfortable work space.

Do I need electricity available for the installation crew to use during installation? No, if electricity is not available our installation crews will bring generators.

Do I need a permit to place my new building? You should always check with your County and City to see if permitting is required.

Can I order a building even if my site hasn’t been prepared? Yes, we offer a 6 month price promise guarantee for that reason. You can order and take 6 months to prepare your site while keeping your price locked in.

Can they build over an existing structure or camper? Yes, make sure your Product Specialist is aware of this at the time of purchase. If an item cannot be moved we can certainly build over certain things, however there is a build-over charge applied at ordering.

What size concrete pads do we offer?  We will construct the concrete pad to any size you require. Typically, the pad will need to be the same size as your building to avoid water issues. 

Where do you deliver? We offer free delivery and installation in West Virginia & Virginia. Other states can vary. For the most up-to-date map, visit our map here

How much does it cost for delivery? Delivery and installation is included at no additional cost in most cases. Please review your contract for exact delivery charges (if any). 

How long does it take to get my building once I order it? This changes throughout the year depending on business volume and weather. We can give you a current delivery time by calling our team at 681-207-9495

Do they deliver my building with a tractor trailer? All of our residential metal garages and carports are delivered with pickup trucks and an attached trailer. If you are ordering a large commercial buildings then you will need room for larger trucks to deliver the materials.

Do I pay the installers the remaining balance? Yes, if you owe the remaining balance of the building upon installation (cash deal) you will pay the installers directly when they arrive on site. If you opted to pay by either RTO or financing, your balance will be paid on your behalf. 

Does the projected delivery & installation time start when I order or when my site is ready? The lead time for delivery starts once you have submitted your land images. Our manufacturer requires these images before they begin fabricating your building. 

Who will contact me for delivery? The scheduling department at the factory will contact you and set up a delivery time that works for you.

Note: Our manufacturer is located in North Carolina. If you get a call from a NC phone number please answer it to speed up processing time. 

Can I order a custom size? Yes, we can build exactly the size you need including buildings up to 20′ in height!

What features can you customize? All features of the building can be customized from color, framing, metal gauge, roof pitch, door size and placement, window size and placement, lean to’s, awnings, automatic garage door openers and so much more.

How do I create my own custom design? Visit our 3D online builder here

Do custom buildings cost more? No, actually all of our metal buildings are custom buildings. 

Do you offer color options for garage doors? Yes, we offer select colors on garage doors. 

What types of insulation do you offer? We offer several different styles to fit any budget. You can choose from single bubble, double bubble, astra armor, 2” & 4” fiberglass as well as the new DripStop moisture barrier.

Can I add a Lean-To on one side? Yes, you can choose the size, height, and placement of a lean-to on any of the four sides or on all four sides and connect them for a full wrap-around.

Do you offer gutters and downspouts? Yes, we do offer color-matching gutters and downspouts on select sizes.

Do you offer automatic garage door openers? Yes, automatic door openers are available as an upgrade. All of our buildings come standard with a rope pull or chain hoist door (depending on height). 

Do you offer skylights? Yes, skylights are available in 3 sizes 3×8, 3×10, and 3×12.

Our work isn't finished until you are happy!

01/ Local Support

From the moment you first connect with us, we will be there to help you select your building, view options, get prepared for delivery, and guide you in placement.

02/ Quality Manufacturing

The materials that are delivered to you are none less than the best! We source products that will last the longest and back them up with warranties.

03/ Free Delivery & Install

Our certified delivery team will deliver your building and assemble it free of charge.

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