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Rent To Own

Our Rent to Own options provide a practical and convenient way to acquire the storage space you require, whether for organizing tools, storing seasonal equipment, or decluttering your home. Rent To Own (commonly known as RTO) is a no-credit-check way to ‘finance’ a shed or metal building. Although sometimes it is referred to as financing, it is very different.

Down Payments

  1. RTO requires a percentage down, whereas some financing allows for 100% offers. 
  2. The down payment amount ranges based on the product and size building. 

RTO Terms

  1. RTO terms vary, typically ranging from 36 months through 64. 
  2. RTO is a 0 (ZERO) penalty early payoff option. 
  3. RTO has a minimum payment (like a credit card) and you can pay any amount over the minimum to pay off the building quicker. 

RTO vs Financing

  1. Financing accrues interest, and RTO has monthly fees.
  2. Your principal for RTO and Financing is the same.
  3. Typically RTO fees are higher than financing, but financing often costs more in the long run. 
  4. Both options allow you to own the building now without having to wait. 
  5. RTO is ZERO credit check.

Our work isn't finished until you are happy!

01/ Local Support

From the moment you first connect with us, we will be there to help you select your building, view options, get prepared for delivery, and guide you in placement.

02/ Quality Manufacturing

The materials that are delivered to you are none less than the best! We source products that will last the longest and back them up with warranties.

03/ Free Delivery & Install

Our certified delivery team will deliver your building and assemble it free of charge.

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